Political Prisoners


Honore Daumier (1808-1879), lithograph (Delteil 94), published in La Caricature (November 11, 1834),  [with the inscription, address, initials in the plate].

A very good impression of this early (1834) political print.

Louis-Phillipe is shown addressing 3 Republicans in the ruins of the prison at St. Michel (“Tres-bien! Tres-bien! Vous etes parfaitment conduites!”).

An impression of the only state,  on heavy white wove paper without the letterpress verso (as published and inserted in the journal).

The top margin is trimmed closely and roughly, outside the upper borderline but just abutting printing on top, otherwise with margins and in satisfactory condition, archival matting. 9 1/2 x 11 inches.

The indispensable Daumier Register points out: “This print shows political prisoners who had helped extinguishing a fire in their prison Saint-Michel. Although an amnesty was already in the making, they were simply moved to a different prison after the fire.”

Here is a translation of the text, courtesy of the Daumier Register:

Original Text:
Très bien! très bien! vous vous êtes parfaitement conduits! l’on va vous diriger sur Beaulieu, sur Poissy, sur Bicêtre, je suis content de vous.

Very good!… You have behaved perfectly and done a good job… thank you, you will be transferred immediately to another prison at Beaulieu, Poissy or Bicètre.