Oursikoff – do you see any similarity? No, sire.

Honore Daumier (1808-1879), Oursikoff, lithograph, from Actualities, Plate number 72, published in Charivari, 1854. Reference: Daumier Register 2519, second state of two, a newsprint impression. In adequate condition for an original newsprint impression still attached to the issue of Charivari in which the lithograph appeared. 10 x 8 inches.

A fascinating example, a Russian officer looking at a rendering of himself, asking a lackey if it’s a good representation (and saying he’d be sent to Siberia if he agreed it was a good image.

Here’s the translation from the Daumier Register:

Original Text:
– Oursikoff! …trouvez-vous cela ressemblant?……… – Non, Sire!……
– A la bonne heure….. je vous aurais envoy en Sibrie si vous m’aviez reconnu….. toutes ces mauvaises charges du CHARIVARI n’empchent pas que je ne sois toujours le plus bel homme de mon empire!…..
– Oui, Sire!……


– Oursikoff… do you see any similarity?
– No, Sire..
– Good for you… otherwise I would have sent you to Siberia…! After all these caricatures by the CHARIVARI… I still am the most beautiful man in the country!
– Yes Sire!