Man in his Natural State

Honore Daumier (1808-1879),LHomme in naturalibus, lithograph, from the Robert Macaire 2nd series, plate number 17. Published 1840-41. In generally good condition; a tiny hole lower right, 9 x 10 inches.

A very good impression, of the 4th state, noted in the Daumier Register as “Rare.”


Here’s the translation of the text from the Daumier Register:
L’Homme in naturalibus.
La philosophie, mon cher Bertrand, explique fort bien nos deux caractéres par nos physiques.. tu es la faiblesse, je suis la force. toi la ruse, moi le courage . tu es le lire et moi le chne, sans moi, le plus lger souffle de la gendarmerie te plongerait dans le torrent du malheur ne me quitte pas et fais inscrire sur tes armes : je meurs ou je mattache.


Man in his natural state.
Philosophy, my dear Bertrand, explains our two characters simply by looking at us… You are weak, I am strong… you are sharp, I am courageous… you are the ivy and I am the oak! Without my help the slightest breeze from the police would drag you into a torrent of misfortune… you must never leave me and write on your shield: death or attachment.