Irving Place Burlesque (#2)




Reginald Marsh (1898-1954), Irving Place Burlesque (#2), etching, 1928, signed in pencil lower right, numbered lower left margin.  Reference: Sasowsky 49, eighth state (of 8). In good condition with margins, with characteristics of a Marsh proof, e.g., trimmed irregularly especially at left margin edge, printer’s creases, a stray ink fingerprint. On a white wove paper with the watermark Umbria Italia, 7 x 10 3/4, the sheet 10 x 11 inches.

A fine impression of the definitive state; with extensive finishing and darkening touches after the seventh state.

Apparently Marsh experimented with burnishing and scraping this plate, particularly the group of dancers at the left. In this impression they are relatively strongly drawn, and the characteristics of the men in the audience and the stern-looking piano player are crisply etched as well.

The numbering on this impression is unclear; it could be 20 or 21; but in any case Marsh was not infallible in his numbering and records. The highest number Sasowsky cites for the print is 25, which is probably a fair estimate of the number of impressions of this state Marsh printed.

Irving Place Burlesque #2 is a close-up depiction of the stage, the piano player, and some of the audience; another print entitled Irving Place Burlesque (S 75) done about the same time shows only a tiny portion of the stage and focuses more on the house and the audience.