Current Inventory by Hendrick Bary

Old Woman Emptying Pot Through the Window (Sleazy Bess)

Artist: Hendrick Bary

Hendrik Bary (1640-1707),  Old Woman Emptying Pot Throught the Window,  etching and engraving, after the  Frans van Mieris (1635-1681)painting “Goore Besje” (Sleazy Bess), c. 1670. Reference: Hollstein 10, fourth state (of 5); Wurzbach 6, third state (of 4), after the addition of the inscription J. Tangenas exc. In very good condition, on old laid paper with a Foolscap watermark, small margins, 10 1/8 x 7 1/2 inches. A very good impression. Simon Schama’s discussion of Dutch paintings such as this one in his Embarrassment of Riches is on point; he notes: “To judge from their art there were no wrinkles […]

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