Tourelle, Rue de la Tixeranderie (Turret, Rue de la Tixeranderie)

meryons24Charles Meryon (1821-1868), Tourelle, Rue de la Tixeranderie (Turret, Rue de la Tixeranderie), 1852, etching. Reference: Schneiderman 24, Delteil Wright 29. In very good condition, with full margins (9 3/4 x 5 1/4, the sheet 19 1/4 x 12 3/4 inches). Printed in dark brown ink, on a cream laid paper. With the watermark C&W COMP.  Schneiderman’s second state of five.

A fine impression, carefully printed by Meryon personally. A very subtle veil of plate tone has been left on the lower sections of the buildings, but the upper sections and the sky are wiped fairly clean.

Only three impressions of the first state are known. In this, the second state, still quite rare, Meryon added his initials (upper right), but did not make major changes; in later states he added some shadow lines, and then for the fourth state (published)edition of 30 made in 1861 added a title inscription (these impressions were printed by Delatre).

The house pictured stood at the corner of the rue de Coq, which was demolished in 1851. One of the figures below points to the turret; this neighborhood was mentioned by Victor Hugo as one of the most interesting in Paris, and one of Meryon’s aims in making such prints was to capture the architecture and spirit of a Paris that was soon to be lost.