The Results of Diplomacy

Honore Daumier (1808-79), The Results of Diplomacy, lithograph, plate 128 from the series Actualities, published in Le Charivari, 1867. Daumier Register 3581, fourth state (of 4). An impression from Le Charivari, with letterpress verso, in very good condition, 10.1 x 8 2 inches.

A very good strong impression.


From the Daumier Register:

Note: A lot of paper has been wasted by the diplomats, who had met at the World Exhibition in Paris. It is still unclear whether anything of substance has come out of all these meetings. The ragpicker shown here picking up the pieces of paper left behind believes that most of this will be used as percussion-caps.

Original Text:
– Elle en a use du papier la diplomatie en 1867, De quoi faire joliment des cartouches!


Diplomacy really has used up some paper in 1867. This could well be used for making cartridges.