Profile of a Woman


Theodore Roussel (1847-1926),  Profile of a Woman, drypoint, c. 1900-1905, signed in pcncil on the tab and annotated “imp” [also signed in the plate lower left]. Reference: Hausberg 60, only state, from the edition of about 30 impressions. In very good condition, trimmed somewhat irregularly by the artist along the platemark except for the tab, 6 5/16 x 4 5/8 inches.

A fine impression with exquisite detailing, printed with considerable plate tone in the background and wiped carefully about the head and shoulders.

Hausberg notes that this print was printed two ways, either wiped fairly clean, or, as in this impression, with a dark covering of plate tone left in the background.

In accord with the custom of his mentor James Whistler, Roussel trimmed the print on the platemark except for the small tab at the bottom where he signed his name and wrote the letters imp, standing for the Latin impressit (indicating that he printed the impression personally).

The model for this print is Hettie Pettigrew (1867-1953). Ms. Pettigrew, a model for Whistler as well as Roussel, was also Roussel’s student, and had, according to Hausberg, a personal relationship with Roussel as well as a professional one.