Preparing for an Outing

Honore Daumier (1808-1879), [Preparing for an Outing], lithograph, plate 1 from the series Les Canotiers Parisiens, a sur blanc impression from the Album Les Canotiers Parisiens (also published separately in letterpress in Le Charivari), 1843. Reference: Daumier Register 1023, fourth state (of 5), 9.7 x 7.7 inches.

A very good impression. In the mid-19th Century boating on the Seine was a popular Parisien hobby.


From the Daumier Register:

Original Text:
– Eh bien! Rigobert… mon vieux flambard…. nous allons faire une longue traversee aujourd’hui… as-tu embarque des vivres a bord de notre navire?… – Ne m’en parle pas!… je n’ai pu rapporter que deux croquets et un hareng saur!….


– All right Rigobert, my old friend…. we are going to make a long trip today…. did you bring enough provisions on board of our vessel?
– Don’t talk about it…. all I was able to bring along are two biscuits and a red herring.