Pleasures of Fishing


Honore Daumier, The Pleasures of Fishing, lithograph, Plate 50 from the series Moeurs Conjugales, 1839-42. Reference: Daumier Register 673, Delteil 673. DR fourth state (of 4). A sur blanc impression (without newsprint verso) issued apart from the edition published in La Caricature. In very good condition, only slight traces of foxing.  With margins, 11 1/2 x 8 1/2, the sheet 12 3/4 x 8 3/4 inches, matted.

A fine bright impression.

The sur blanc edition was made for collectors, published on a cream wove paper (the Caricature impressions are on a lighter paper, and the newsprint can be seen through the image). The sur blanc edition size varied but was about 100 impressions, and so is relatively rare.

Here’s the translation of the French, courtesy of the Daumier Register (which is available free online):

Original Text:
– Tu es toujours pressée toi!…. que diable nous sommes arrivés à midi et il n’est encore que cinq heures un quart……. donne moi le temps, je suis sur que je finirai par en attraper un!…

You are always in such a rush – Good God, we only just got here at noon and it is now only a quarter past five – Just give me a little more time, I am sure I’ll end by catching one.