Model Contemplating Sculture, from the Vollard Suite


Pablo Picasso, Model Contemplating Sculpture,  etching, signed in pencil, 1933, a fine impression, published by Vollard, from the Vollard Suite, edition of 310, Bloch 175, Geiser 328, printed by Lacouriere, with the Picasso watermark.  In pristine condition, with small margins, 11 7/8 x 14 1/2 inches.

A fine, delicately printed, clear impression of this fascinating composition. The model at left (looking rather sculpted herself) contemplates a sculpted group – a horse with attending figures – as well as the sculpteur. Small faces below the sculpture view the scene, or perhaps the viewer. This is one of the more complex compositions among the artist and model group of the Vollard Suite etchings, generally as here drawn in a neoclassic idiom.