James Whistler (1834-1903), Longshoremen, etching and drypoint, 1859 [signed and dated in the plate]. References: Glasgow 52, fourth state (of 4), Kennedy 45. In excellent condition, with margins, 5 15/16 x 8 3/4, the sheet 8 1/16 x 11 1/16 inches.

A very fine impression, an early impression of this state, printed in a dark brownish/black ink on an ivory thin laid Japan paper.  In the later impressions the curling drypoint lines on the left arm of the man at the left tend to fade; in this impression they are clear. Later impressions tend to be cleanly wiped; in this impression a veil of plate tone has been left on the plate overall, with extra tone remaining toward the left of the plate

Longshoremen is a relatively common print, but can be properly appreciated only in very fine impressions such as this example.