Current Inventory by Israhel van Meckenem

Saints Simon and Matthew

Artist: Israhel van Meckenem

ISRAHEL VAN MECKENEM ca. 144045 Bocholt 1503 Saints Simon and Matthew engraving; 212 x 142 mm Geisberg 249; Lehrs and Hollstein 298 first state (of two) WATERMARK quartered coat of arms with fleur-de-lis and dolphin (cf. Briquet 1647, documented between 1470 and 1500) PROVENANCE Counts Maltzan, Militisch, Silesia (not annotated, cf. Lugt 3024a) Richard Zinser, Forest Hill, New York (Lugt 5581) N.G. Stogdon, Catalogue XI: Early Northern Engravings, 1998, lot 25 private collection, Connecticut An unusually superb impression for a fifteenth-century print; it was known to Lehrs who assigned it a *** rating. The engraving retains even the finest burin […]

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