Current Inventory by Etienne Delaune

Design of a Mirror with Medea rejuvenating Aeson – 1561

Artist: Etienne Delaune

Etienne DELAUNE (c.1518-c.1583) Engraving, 1561, 220 x 108 mm. Robert-Dumesnil 314. The title MEDEA is engraved under the cauldron and the date 1561 on the mirrors frame. Fine impression, a little dry in the middle and on the left, printed on laid watermarked paper (indistinct letters). Trimmed on the platermark. In very good condition. Four tiny pinholes in the corners. Provenance: Sarah Sauvin Gallery, Paris For this design, Delaune has chosen the myth of Medea rejuvenating Aeson at the request of his son Jason, according to the version of the myth in Book VII of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The main subject […]

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