Current Inventory by Francis Barlow

Cock, Hen, Chicken, Dove

Artist: Francis Barlow

Francis Barlow (1626-1702) Cock, Hen, Chicken, Dove (after); etching, c. 1680. Etched by Francis Place (1647-1728). With the names of Barlow, Place, and Cooper (ex.) etched in the plate, as well as the names in of the birds depicted, as follows: Cock gallus coq ; hen gallina poulle ; chicken pullus poulcin ; dove columbus pigeon ; F. Barlow delin. ; F. Place fecit ; E. Cooper ex. From Barlow’s series Various Birds and Beasts. A good impression, in only fair condition (the paper toned due to placement in a non-archival mat), but the matrix satisfactory, with a small margin, […]

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