Cahier de Six Paysages

Jean-Emile Laboureur (1877-1943), Cahier de Six Paysages, etchings, 1928, each signed in pencil and inscribed “ep d’artiste”.  Reference: Sylvain Laboureur 386-391, the artist’s proofs of the third state (of 3). The total printing in all states was 150. Contained in green hardcover boards, with a title cover.  The green board covers and the prints themselves are in excellent condition (the outer cover is torn extensively). Printed on a cream/tan Japan paper, with full margins, 3 5/8 x 5 3/8, the sheets 10 1/2 x 11 3/4 inches.

Ex collection: John Gribbel (with his pencil inscription on cover)

Fine clear delicately printed impressions.

This is a curiously subdued set of etchings, each portraying farm or country life in exquisite detail. Three of the six scenes are shown here; of course the others, and further details, are available on request.