Bains de Femmes



Honore Daumier (1808-1879), Bains de Femmes, lithograph, plate 20 from the series Les Baigneurs, 1840-42, published in Le Charivari in 1841; Daumier Register 780, third state (of 3), 10.4 x 7.2 inches

A very good, clear impresion on cream wove paper, without text verso.

Translation from the Daumier Register:

Original Text:
Bains de femmes.
Oui Madame, c’est comme j’ai l’honneur de vous le dire, je l’ai port onze mois, qu’on croyait que j’tais hydropique; Dirait-on que a n’a que six ans, il tient de son pre, Tambour major de la 6me Lgion, chantant la Marseillaise par cur et buvant la goutte le matin comme un petit pompier. Oh! n’amour, baisez vot’mre tout de suite.


The Ladies’ Bath.
Yes, my dear, it is just the way I have the honour of telling you. I was pregnant with him for eleven months and people thought I was dropsical. Would you believe that this is already six years ago? He takes after his father, drum-major of the 6th legion. sings the Marseillaise (national anthem) by heart and has a drink in the morning like a real fire-fighter. Oh, my little darling, come here and give your mother a kiss!