Les Gobbi



Jacques Callot (1592-1635),  Les Gobbis, etchings, 1616. References: Lieure 279 and 407-426, the complete set of 20 including the frontispiece, second state (of 2 except Lieure 407, known in only one state),  in generally adequate condition (a few with repairs, time staining), trimmed just outside of the platemark,  app. 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.

Good impressions of these comical figures.

The four figures illustrated (clockwise, starting upper left, with loose translations) are:

No. 14, Lieure 420: The Lute Player

No. 8, Lieure 413: The Duellist with Two Sabres

No. 17, Lieure 426: Le cancal jouant de la guitar (the knock-kneed guitar player)`

No. 12, Lieure 418: The Violin Player

Nineteen of the copper plates for this set are preserved in the Musée de Lorrain de Nancy. Plate 2 (Lieure 407) was lost and not replaced by Callot, so this plate is considered rare (RR) by Lieure; an impression of this plate is included in this set. It is unusual to locate a complete set Les Gobbi.

The plates were reprinted in this state by Silvestre, who put his name on the title page, and then later numbered by Fagnani, who started numbering the plates after the frontispiece with the number 2; no plate numbered 1 outside of the frontispiece is known.