Le Rue des Toiles a Bourges


Charles Meryon (1821-1868), Le Rue des Toiles a Bourges, etching, 1853 [signed and inscribed in the plate]. Reference: Schneiderman 31, Delteil 55. Fifth state (of 9) In very good condition with only the slightest toning, with wide/full margins, on an ivory laid D&C Blauw paper, with their watermark. 8 1/2 x 4 5/8, the sheet 13 x 8 7/8 inches; archival matting.

A very fine early impression of this intermediate state, several states before publication, printed in a dark brown/black ink.

Provenance: Dr. William Pelletier, with his stamp and date of purchase (1991) entered verso. Dr. Pelletier was a distinguished collector of Meryon, Van Ostade and Rembrandt prints.

In this state the composition of the print is basically set, but a number of changes were still unmade. The inscription at the bottom (signature, date and address), added in the third state, are here covered with an etching line; in the next state these inscriptions were removed. The date on the chimney (1853), entered in the first state, is half effaced; it will be removed in the next state. The little dog in the roadway will be removed in the next state, and later replaced by a soldier in a medieval outfit talking with two women.

Meryon took great interest in medieval architecture, and in a letter to his father noted that he needed to re-construct the bottom sections of these houses because they had been modernized; Meryon found other houses in Bourges with details that would work with these 14th and 15th Century houses on La Rue des Toiles.