Gilles Boileau (1584 – 1657)



NANTEUIL, Robert (1623-1678), Gilles Boileau (1584-1657, engraving, 1658. Reference: Petitjean and Wickert 22, second state (of three) [signed and dated in the plate lower left].  In excellent condition, with a small margin all around, 13 3/16 x 9 3/4 inches.


Arsène Bonafous-Murat, Paris

A fine impression, before the quatrain was added to the tablet in the third state. 

Head of the great school of 17th century French portrait engraving, Nanteuil’s skill and reputation were unequalled. His sitters were distinguished figures of Louis XIV’s court, mainly royalty, statesmen, military and church leaders. Celebrated for its faithfulness to nature and the simplicity of his designs, Nanteuil’s work appealed equally to art lovers and to those fascinated by the achievements of 17th century France.

Gilles Boileau, the father of famed poet Boileau Despreaux, was a magistrate and clerk at the great chamber of the Parliament of Paris.