Christ Before Pilate


Hendrik Goltzius – Christ Before Pilate

Hendrik Goltzius (1558-1617), Christ Before Pilate, plate 5 from The Passion, engraving, 1596, with monogram and dated 96, marked 5; Strauss 332, Bartsch 31, Hollstein 25, first state of two. With the Coat of Arms Crowned with a Fleur de Lis WR watermark (Briquet 7210: Leiden 1585, Amsterdam 1590-99). In excellent condition, with a small margin, trimmed outside of the plate mark all around (and thus well outside of the border, 8 x 5 1/2 inches.

A fine impression.

Although Goltzius engraved his Passion in the manner of Lucas van Leyden, his Christ Before Pilate appears to be a composite of Durer compositions and versions of the subject: the figures of Christ and the henchman are similar to those of Durer’s woodcut version (B.31), Christ’s head seems to be based on the one in Durer’s Christ before Caiaphas (B29), and the large archway with the vista occurs in Durer’s engraved version of the subject (B.7).