Denis Auguste Marie Raffet (1804-1860), Assez!, lithograph, 1830, Reference: Giacomelli 333.  This is plate 8 of a series of lithographs, called Lithographs of 1830,  published by Les Freres Gihaut, with their name and address [also with Raffet’s signature in the plate]. In very good condition, on a heavy cream wove paper with full margins, 5 1/2 x 9 1/4, the sheet 11 x 14 inches, archival mounting (acid-free mat and window mat, mylar non-attached hinging).

A superb example of early lithography, with wonderful detail, shading and composition.

Assez! shows a wild drinking scene: one man holds up another, while the boy at the right brings a “vase” (chamberpot) and a funnel to the rescue; a man sitting at the table has a drink while the another relieves himself against the wall.

Brought up in straitened financial circumstances after the murder of his father, Raffet was a pupil of Nicolas-Toussaint Charlet (1792-1845), who taught him the principles of lithography, and then Gros. After failing to win the Prix de Rome for history painting in 1831 he concentrated on drawing and lithography, principally illustrating Napoleonic and contemporary military scenes. In 1837 he met Anatole Demidoff (1813-70) who became his friend and principal patron. For him he produced innumerable ethnographic drawings, many of which were lithographed.

Assez! (Enough!) is an example of early lithography, early in Raffet’s career, and early in the development of lithography itself (about 3 decades after its invention).